Kings, Tobacco and Sovereignty

Once, and a long time ago, on a continent very near, a group of Freedom Fighters formed as a result of tyrannical taxation by a King from another country. This King saw easy income from the 'colonials' and taxed everything - even tea. Patriots from all over the colonies started forming groups to decide a proper course of action to get out from under the strangulation hold of this King. These men became known as the founding fathers, and their signatures can be found on the Declaration of Independence.

They chose rebellion and war as their solution.

These founding fathers and patriots required funds to finance their rebellion and war effort. They contacted the tobacco growers among other sources and prospects, and made deals. The deals promised various things, chief among which was that the growers would be freed forever from the destructive taxation then levied by the Crown. Further, when the new nations' government was established as a result of the winning of the War of Independence, the growers would continue their tax free existence under the flag of the fledgling United States of America.

It was tobacco smoke which financed the Freedom Fighters and Patriots of the American Revolution.

The tax exemptions (subsidies) have been grand-fathered down since then, because the Freedom Fighters were broke and needed the dough to forward their war effort against the perceived tyranny and taxation of the British Crown. They willingly made these concessions as they perceived the tax exemptions to be a fair and proper exchange. That was then.

Currently, as far as tobacco is concerned, the government is tired of allowing tobacco subsidies which permit that product to grow and be harvested tax free because of grand-fathered exemptions from the War of Independence.

Always follow the dollar.

Then there is the subject which is connected to tobacco use, namely cancer. As far as cancer is concerned, 25-50 hours of "What wouldn't a cell survive ?" usually knocks the little bugger out. Then, if you must, you can then resort to KNOTS (no typo) to handle the residual mess of dummies who bought into the cancer's' spiel.

So, cut out the service fac nonsense, while getting your history straight.

Governments hate grand-fathered tax exemptions. Period.

Hysterical Americans are cancer ridden, cancer riders and cancer lovers. Not too many other people on this planet suffer from this particularly infectious psycho-somatic.

Americans also have problems with genitals, genitalia and reproductive organs and tracts which other contemporaneous societies don't have.

You can buy the cant and rhetoric of the government-backed AMA, and you can buy into the lie. Or you can observe all the octogenarians and nonagenarians who smoke, drink and sex their brains out.

Drivel is drivel.

For all the sovereignty that gets bandied about on various philosophic news lists in cyberspace, sometimes it gets piled up with a lot of humanoid detritus.

Body culture is and remains body culture.

If one is so terribly worried about one's precious body, one ought to try dangling the dad-blamed thing from 30,000 feet above sea level, while some marauding enemy fighter aircraft is strafing one's tail section.

Let's cut the airy fairy sweetness and light, and confront the thing head on, minus hysterical American Buy-Into Government-Backed Cant.

When asked POLITELY, any smoker will just as politely put out his or her smoke should you indicate it is a disturbance. In most instances, he or she will comply, or just walk on. And, the smoker will probably be far more polite than those herds of fakes who hack, cough and spew at the slightest hint of tobacco smoke.

For spiritual beings who are eternal and immortal, what the hell is all this talk about lungs and nicotine.

One of the more “reasonable” things a smoker might hear is: “Smoking is kind of like trying to fuel a Diesel car with alcohol.”

On the face of it, this might seem a logical counter to a smoker's position. However, the consideration has more depth, and such an argument has only one definition:

Faulty logic.

You see, the car is created.

The body is a continuous creation.

One has the option to create the body as one desires, hair falling out, teeth falling out, or a full head of hair, and teeth as sound as a yearling thoroughbred. You may choose to create an 80 year old body that looks 55 or a 55 year old body that looks 80. You can die early as a vegetarian, or live long as a meat eater. You can choose to die of polio in 1947, or die of AIDS in 1997. Or you may choose to live to be 110, and so create the body.

You can feed the body anything, even poison, if done at the proper gradient.

Can't do that to a car.

I am well aware of the pitfalls of this particular conversation, having battled with it since my mother caught me smoking when I was 10, and made me sit there and smoke a pack in front of her. That's 45 years, folks.

Oh, I hacked and choked and tears ran down my face, and I made big huge promises not to smoke ever again. But really, all that happened was that I was perturbed, because she made me smoke my whole pack up in one sitting. Now, I'd have to go find another quarter somewhere.

Smoking: It is an emotional and hysterical conversation, fraught with

"You are killing my body with your cigarette smoke".

"You don't understand what you are doing to my body"

"Smokers are stupid"

"You are destroying my lungs"

"You don't know what I am going through because of your smoke"

"Smokers are destructive"

"If you loved me you wouldn't do it"

I could probably list this thing out with services facs (a "make-the-other-guy-wrong" mechanism employed by an individual knowingly - to find out more about Service Facsimiles, Rationalizations, Righteous Computations, etc. see Listing of Practitioners and Groups) all the way from:

"It doesn't bother me but it's wrong"

all the way down to

"It's my universe and if you smoke you are wrong".

It's a horsehockey service fac, and if you don't see it, trust me - that's ok with me. You don't have to share my space.

But in this case if you would prefer I didn't smoke at some moment or time, you simply say, "Gee, I don't think with the children in the room it's the right time to oil your gun."

That gives me the option to say, "Bedtime, kiddies", or, "You're right, Honey" or "Let's have a divorce."

That way, you maintain your sovereignty and I maintain mine.

It's ok for you to make the statement: I don't like it.

It's ok for me to make the statement: I like it.

It's ok for us to disagree.

It's ok for us to disagree so hard that we create thousands of miles between us and communicate on the river of light.

That doesn't make you inconsiderate nor me a crashing bore.

Those are opinions, and in the case of smoking, it is backed by hysteria on both sides.

Smoke and enjoy it - don't smoke and enjoy it - smoke and don't enjoy it - don't smoke and don't enjoy it.

x or y or -x or -y. Simple. No right or wrong in there.

Hang out with smokers, or don't hang out with smokers.

Love rap music or don't love rap music.

Get a pink body or a brown one or a red one or a yellow one or a beige one or a black one or one with tentacles and eyestalks. Or have none at all, as you prefer.

Do whatever you dadburned well please.

And if it offends the other guy, take it elsewhere. Or ask the other guy to leave. And if he chooses to stay, you leave. And if nobody wants to leave, and you are unwilling to accept one another as you are, you want to fight about it, then bare your knuckles. After you've whipped each others behind, real good, let's now discover who was right and who was wrong.

If you must voice your opinion, (and The Great God Mogu knows you have a million of them, or perhaps a billion to the 15th exponential), then do so. And when acknowledged, recognize you have been acknowledged, and turn off the make wrong machine.

You can always walk away. There is no law which says you must blow smoke up somebody else's rectum. Go out on the balcony.

And if you don't want to walk away, decide whether your cigarette is more valid than the communication line you hold. Having made your decision, act.

But if I have stripes, I have stripes because I am creating stripes. If my stripes offend you, say so. I then have the option to:






I even remember someone coming up with a sixth, called "ACCEPT", which I would throw into the IGNORE/NEGLECT group, personally.

Being self-determined, at the very least, I shall choose options other than succumb. These choices are based purely upon the emotional tie I build, perceive or have with that person voicing an opposing opinion.

Service Facs are service facs. Psycho-somatics are psycho-somatics. Government folderol is government "Orwellian Big Brother” folderol.

Alcohol kills.

Speed kills.

Food kills.

The air kills.

Now, even sex kills.

There are so many perceived threats to existence, it's a wonder any of us wildly out of control population exploding carbon-based life forms continue to exist at all.

Smoking is.

Some smoke. That's ok. Some don't. That's ok.

'Nuff said ?

LaMont Johnson