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And the season changes ...

It seems to me that with the coming of the harvest each of us has a chance to look over our production and actually arrive at a figure which might represent our effectiveness.

It is true that raw, bald statistics do not always fairly represent the scene, but it does give us a good indication of what we have accomplished and what we haven't as yet achieved.

And with three months left, we have a chance to get those things on which we've procrastinated complained, finished, done, finally, once and for all.

Planning ahead might assist, particularly when one recognizes that this season is chock full of celebrations and holidays

Joyful times, but one certainly doesn't get much production time in.

So. perhaps some solutions are in order.

See if any of these fit:

So for your sake, your families' sake, your planet's sake, and my sake, get on with your training, and get on with your processing.

LaMont Johnson

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