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You know, there is this popular philosophy which runs around and grabs people by the brain which can be roughly summarized by the following few lines:

“If it ain't the latest, it ain't the greatest…The newest thing is the greatest thing…If it's been around, it's time to put it down…”

You have seen it. I have seen it.

A prime example of this is, “Let's get rid of big floor plans for family housing. The people want to live in a modular setting. So let's cut back on floor space.”

Funny thing is that very few developers live in those small scale hutches that they so readily build for Mr. And Mrs. World Citizen.

Or how about “Smaller cars make more sense to the buying public, so let's build rolling boxes and give then great gas mileage…”, as the automotive mogul steps into his twelve cylinder Gigantomobile.

So, the smaller cars have trouble climbing hills. But they produce tremendous gas mileage, ( at a government enforced, personal freedom destroying 55 miles per hour). I guess the trade-off is a repair bill of over a thousand bucks, for a five mile per hour fender bender.

And guess what ? It's the same in the field of Spiritual Enhancement and Enlightenment.

Man, in the last few years have we seen an explosion in new ways to eat the same old meat and potatoes, or what?

Yes, in the `50's, Bridie Murphy made the front page of the New York Daily News. And for years, dianetic therapy did what very few other disciplines could even hope to do.

Then with the explosion and expansion of the Free Zone, and the belligerent, freedom smashing tactics of certain brute organizations, many counselor-facilitator-practitioners sought solutions to averting Goliath's wrath, instead of just socking him one with a trusty, well aimed shot of the sling.

So, offshoots, and hybrids and mutations galore. And among the abundance, one finds quite a few exotic ideas, said with a surprising kindness.

But, lo and behold - there is also expansion, growth, vitality and deeper cutting techniques requiring far less time, to a greater, more personal and more efficacious result, which spring from those humble beginnings. Just check out the links to organizations I have here on the site. Each one of these highly trained and thoroughly professional practitioners and groups have clearly demonstrated to me that they have achieved a level of competence that far surpasses the old study, in terms of personally handling and clearing the client in front of them.

So, perhaps what we at ACS offer is not quite your cup of tea. No problem, Señor.

Please look over the wonderful groups and organizations whose sites and pages are linked to our own. Spiritual Clearing is enjoying a boom and a renaissance in the Free Zone and on the World Wide Web.

And even though one guy calls it Chateau Briand, and another calls it Boeuf et Pommes Frites, you can rest assured that calling on any one of my colleagues linked to the ACS web site gets you the very best “Same Old Meat and Potatoes”, for an honest and ethical exchange, with You, and Your Case, not some "imagined cookie cutter case" in mind.

And we, at ACS, wish you all the success and joy that your Spiritual Clearing delivers, whether with us, or any of our colleagues. That way, we all win.

LaMont Johnson

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