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Re: Organized Religion

As a field Clearing Consultant and Minister of the Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, with a long background of personal involvement with scientology organizations in the past, I wish to make my position and the position of ACS perfectly clear relative to that group.

My disassociation and that of ACS from that scientology group for all time stems from certain adminsitrative practices of that group which I find destructive of and to the individual.

Organized religion has demonstrated a discordant and reprehensible pattern over and over again throughout the millenia. In defense of it's own position, an organized religion will sacrifice the individual group member in the maintenance of the groups' security, thus ensuring the groups' continuation, but not necessarily that of the individual. This is a basic "fact of life" when it comes to a group - any group - but especially organized religion.

Excommunication, expulsion, harassment and de-frocking are activities of organized religions - not just scientology.

Religious wars have had Moslems, Catholics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, "Right-to-Lifers" and many more in antagonistic, agrression laden relationships, where battered bodies and rivers of blood have been the awfully bitter fruit of the "divine cleansing".

In our litigious society, the Inquisition and the rack have been replaced by picket lines, the private investigator, the innundating lawsuit, and the "implementation" of the justice system. The word of God/Buddha/Mohammed has been replaced by copyrights and trade secrets. And compassion, communication and understanding have been replaced by "group ethics action".

The zealot continues plying his trade and proffering his wares, denouncing any and all who would question dogma and doctrine. In ways small and large the "true believer" diligently works to bring about the demise of any individual he or she conceives to be at odds with his or her chosen belief. Pamphlets at your door, bumper stickers, subpoenas, "dirty tricks", disinformation, pipe bombs and the destruction of whole nations are justified in the never ending war of the "righteous" against the sinner, the believer opposing the infidel, the annointed versus the great and populous damned.

The position of The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, Advanced Counseling Services, Inc., a California non-profit corporation, is simple.

LaMont Johnson,

Founder, Minister, Clearing Consultant

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