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An Answer to Questions ...

When a rusting old Caddy of '72,

Has more glow than a 98 Benz,

When disciplined study and the wisdom of years,

bring a solacing peace to the minds' fearful dins,

When the music of Michael, Bird, Waylon or Miles,

comes in second to Life's rhythms and multitudes of styles,

When the sunset and sunrise, and the wind, land and sea,

enhance a chance moment with more than might be,

When a moment with needle, cloth, bobbin and thread,

Weaves the armor which pierces the Credit Card dread,

When the mountains of wailing and valley of tears,

Dissolve in your knowledge of the source of all fears,

When their dollars, entreaties, and demands so uncouth,

Are strewn like fall leaves in your whirlwind of truth,

When promiscuous castles and lies by the ton,

Fail to halt, not scant seconds, your creative fun,

When your wisdom is hidden but to those who have eyes,

And they name you foul labels, but know that you're wise,

When flatulent ego and school-lettered guile,

Fail to rouse you from thought, nor distract you a while,

When though doctor, judge, lawyer or contracting chief,

You see through their fantasies and bring them relief,

When a noxious vile wind billows forth in a room,

And no one but you spots the Merchant of Doom,

When the power of knowledge projects from your space,

Dispelling the darkness surrounding their face,

When the depth of your empathy is as vast as your will,

And the afflictions of man are erased by your skill,

When their greed and their wanton, rapacious decrees,

Are known well by you, to be naught but their fleas,

When through all of your wisdom the cosmos is bared,

And you know wisdom's worthless unless it is shared,

When the words of a Dante or sonnets or rhymes,

More numerous than leaves on a tree,

Bring more joy and contentment than nubile young limbs,

Then, Philosopher, my friend, you must be.

LaMont Johnson

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