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It is clear that mountains of tomes, masses of poems and million of lines have been written about this commodity.

It is also abundantly clear that this subject, as a result of all this penciling and pondering, is anything but clear.

It is obvious that it is a vitally necessary commodity.

It is also obvious that it is in small supply for many.

And there isn't enough for most.

And for the few with vast larders of the stuff, they feverishly search for more of it.

What is it about money?

Money has been described as the "admiration particle of the society". In simple explication, the statement apparently means that should one supply something society considers necessary to its' continuance, society will show its' admiration by exchanging the particle “money" in order to demonstrate the admiration it holds for one.

Obvious examples are entertainers. Greatly admired for their prowess, whether it be on the stage, on the screen or on the playing field, society is ready to deluge the 'great' ones with Dempsey Dumpsters full of greenbacks.

Art is greatly admired by society. Those skilled and able to bring their art to the masses receive, for the most part, masses of money.

The courtesan had little more than her physical presence and the promise of earthly delights, yet history rings with the armies funded and the institutions of higher learning founded through the diligent use of her very basic and very simple yet highly developed 'art'. Powerful.

Greatly admired was she. In the case of several of her contemporaries, their powers topple empires built by politicians, evangelists, chicken farmers, and maybe even presidents. Sort of an inversion, but power nonetheless.

What's that got to do with laying bricks, selling condominiums or cleaning stained teeth enveloped in the malodorous remnants of last nights' pizza party?

Well, your pocket, bank account, purse or credit card reflects the degree to which you are admired for your services, And if you do it really very well, instead of brick layer you become known as Developer, or Real Estate Mogul or Beverly Hills Dentist, II.

Then there is the concept of 'havingness'.

What are you capable of having?

Are you capable of having yourself with all of your potentialities fully exploited and available for your immediate use?

Are your capable of having Self as a truly powerful being?

Do you admire yourself enough to flow your treasure in the direction of your eternal expansion, or would you rather expend it on highly admirable exemplars of polished chrome, steel and leather which allow you to leave the freeway victorious?

Is your own expansion, knowledge and immortality worth the few shekels you donate to the organization dedicated to getting you there?

Or are you incapable of the reach for Infinite Beingness - are you incapable of having who you really are?

Are you someone you really don't admire?

Would you rather be Tom Cruise or Vanna White - Magic Johnson or Sting?

If you had the choice between spending for a movie ticket or a philosophic book, which gets your dough?

Given the choice between a BMW and your Clearing and Advanced Training Levels do you admire German engineering more than


If money is the admiration particle of society, and if 'society' consists in Self as the basic societal unit, then obviously you aren't going to have a lot of money.

Your demonstrated preferences dictate that the German Automotive Economy is vastly more admired than yourself.

So one they fat, and you get hives.

It's as simple as that.

Money is nothing more than that thing you use to smooth the path to the achievement of your own personal goals.

However, if you make money greater than Self, then it goes into really short supply when personal expansion becomes foremost.

Another thing - money itself is a flow... ' just like a river or the stream from a garden hose'. It flows. So it can be dispersed, piped, conduited, dammed up, slowed down to a trickle and stopped. You can build pools and reservoirs of money, and you can have 'dry river beds' of no money.

Money is something that can be controlled, increased, exploited, used, abused, lost, depleted, scrambled and abandoned.

And if ones' own personal havingness (read `Standard of Living') is low, then there will be just enough money to maintain a low standard of living.


And if ones' own personal opinion of Self is low, why then, there won't be much money with which to play.

So, there won't be much processing and training money.

And so another chance at personal expansion is blown because one doesn't think enough of oneself to achieve a higher realm of Spiritual Expansion.

In another system, a commandment exists which states:


When one worships the almighty buck, yet has little desire or will to expand spiritually, one simply wastes his or her chance at a greater awareness of Self and the Universe.

It's only my opinion, but I kind of think that were a person to become more aware of Self and the Universe and the role one found oneself playing, one would have a greater ability to expand - and that translates into "an enhanced ability to more rapidly and efficiently achieve goals."

Sounds like one would have an easier time with money and have more opportunities to get more of it, don't you think?

And that leads to ever increasing realms of Spiritual Enlightenment and Expansion, due to the leisure one has bought oneself.

When an infinite being begins to became the effect of scarcities in the Universe which be himself is creating, it's time for a pit stop.

And, we here at ACS, and the Free Zone are dedicated to putting you back on the road toward achieving your Spiritual Enlightenment and Ability goals.

May money never again tell you how big or small you are.

LaMont Johnson

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