Case Supervision Program


(Note: Aleister Crowley and earlier masters have assigned the nomenclature *OT* to specific states referring to the ability of the Spiritual Being to “operate causitively” in the physical universe. Although certain organizations would claim the right to this particular nomenclature in defining the ability of the Spiritual Being to operate a body and operate in the universe he creates or in which he finds himself, I pre-empt such claims by asserting the use of this nomenclature as originated by Aleister Crowley. In deference to this other groups' claim to copyright, I take time here to make the distinction between their use of the nomenclature “OT”, and my use of the nomenclature “*OT*”).

Every once in a while, I get a request for the "real" dope - "what do I really have to do ?" In order to put this question to rest once and for all time, I would consider a candidate for TEC and ACCESS ready to begin if and when they can attest that this program is complete.

000. All First Echelon (Recall, dianetics, TIR, etc) is complete.

00. All Beginning Second Echelon (grades through Clear or equivalent ) is complete.

0. Get them through Clearing, *OT* I and II.

1. Entities (synthetic or otherwise) have cases.

2. Entity cases have GPMs, IMPLANT GPMs, etc.

3. Blowing the Entities opens the door to effective handling of the PC.

4. KNOTS, the "current" *OT* III-VII group, blows enough classes of entity such that a thorough survey of the PC's Own Goals can be effected. Liberal use of PerPer 6 on the toughies, and, for your own and the client's sake, get ALL-ALL-ALL grade 4-type “righteous computations” cleaned up once and for all (not always on all PC's, but give it your absolute best). I sometimes stick Ex-DN (lightly), 88, 8-80, 8-8008 here.

5. L-type processing cleans up the dramatizers and blows them wholesale.

6. "Old" solo *OT* IV strengthens the PC at this point.

7. "Old" intention drills at old *OT* VII gives PC the "juice" to blow stragglers off the case.

8. "Old" *OT* IV Class VIII rundown stabilizes the being at this point, who is by now "squeaky clean" and has "rid himself of his fleas". Proof up dynamics here.

9. Now, Now, Now GPMs.

10. Now old *OT* 5, 6, 7 (solo) steps.

11. Run all of the Free Zone Eight materials you might have in your possession. (Lightly, he's flying now). Good spot to run "People Pleaser" (The Rock) and other such goodies.

12. Survey Philly Doc materials for stuff that remains un-run and do it (if PC needs, wants, would like to have, unsure but willing to try, etc).

12.. Now integrate, extrapolate and run experimental "Upper Level" material as applies to the specific case (Filbert, Stephens, British *OT*10-11-12, Robertson, Robinson and others) Note: First taste it for yourself, and run some on a trusted friend, co-audit-style, before you clang your dear PC with it.

This is more or less the way I run 'em, C/S 'em, make 'em fly, and then set them up for The Third Echelon, TEC and ACCESS !.


LaMont Johnson,

Case Supervision Programmer

Advanced Counseling Services, Inc.

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