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Application of TEC and ACCESS are strictly for the purposes of spiritual expansion and spiritual or philosophic enhancement and training, as part of a religious-philosophic practice (of a non-denominational nature), and is done so by the Client-Seeker in order to satisfy his or her own personally perceived religious duties and/or philosophic investigation, and is done so on his or her own personal recognizance and determinism.

The materials of TEC and ACCESS are for advanced Student-Seeker Co -Counselors, are to be used for religious and philosophic purposes only.

There is no desire to create confidential material here, and all who qualify at the level shall receive the materials, once donations have been agreed upon, and the requesting individual is deemed to have legitimate religious or philosophic goals for which he considers, believes or trusts TEC and ACCESS when properly applied will bring about desireable changes in his or her approach to Life, and in the application and enhancement of his or her own natural mental and spiritual abilities.

The decision to employ the TEC and ACCESS materials to one's own personal religious or philosophic system is purely voluntary, as long as the individual sees eye-to-eye with the creed and credo of The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, Advanced Counseling Services, Inc.

No individual, group or organization can force another individual to attain Advanced Abilities or Highest Level skills. No ethical system enforced on another will achieve this desired result. If you consider you will need some form of ethical enforcement to embark upon this study, it would be far better were you not to apply.

This study is done in the joy and bliss of Personal Creative Expansion in the attainment of Known, Predictable and Achievable Skills and Abilities. You will study and co-counsel or solo at your own pace. You will report through an email system, designed for absolute confidentiality, and your personal pace will be dictated by your own efficiency, persistence and exact application of these materials.

These are your skills and abilities. You will expand them. You will set your benchmarks, and You will attain them.

In co-counseling, you and your partner will work to assist each other to attain the benchmarks, and your own personal sense of exchange will guide and drive your expansion through these materials.

Your success is strictly dependent upon your personal willingness to apply the material exactly as delivered, your maintenance of a safe space in which to perform or co-counsel your drills, a regular schedule, a healthy lifestyle and applying these materials in a healthy physical state.

Regarding One-On-One Counseling, should you find it important to your personal expansion to consider such counseling with LaMont Johnson or one of the other highly trained ACS practitioners as your Confessor-Philosophic Counselor, do not hesitate to send an email to the below listed email address stating your name, email address and a daytime or evening telephone number. You will receive an answer to your email request and instructions on how to proceed.

Co-counseling Case Supervisory Programs are delivered by email for an agreed upon donation, utilizing the same procedure as stated above.

Send your email to: and we will respond within twenty-four hours of receipt.

© Copyright 1986-97 by The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, Advanced Counseling Serivces, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ®ACCESS™ is the trademark for specific discoveries by LaMont Johnson in the field of spiritual expansion, which areheld by The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment, Advanced Counseling Services, Inc. A California Non-Profit Religious Corporation.
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