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(Historical note: this essay was written at a point when I still felt a bit of a chill towards the earlier practice. I have included it because it shares what was then a valid viewpoint. My own personal feelings toward the earlier practice are much simpler, these days - "They did what they did, I do what I do.")

There are several very able, wise and powerful individuals coming to the field via this glorious medium of the Internet/World Wide Web. The individuals who have completed their training in the earlier practice, for the most part, allowing for personal identity and ego, have very little in the way of degradation of the technology to impart to the field - just the opposite.

When pushed, each and every one of these exalted beings refer the detractors to the source of the material.

Those of us (yes, I include myself therein, considering the massive dissemination work I did across the planet on my own buck for that group) who have benefited from this technology respond either technically, administratively, lovingly and nurturingly while supplying a keen insight, decisively with no-nonsense, playfully, and lately, even sardonically. I choose a drill sergeant-like posture when it comes to glaring falsehoods - I "bait and badger".

So, first, those of us who have achieved rather highly trained and processed states are obviously not robots. We each have an individual voice. And, (I go out on a limb here) we are all Clear and *OT*. I speak of the practitioners I list elsewhere on the site, who acknowledge the workability of this and other past technologies, as well as newly developed strategies and implementations for handling the case.

Secondly, the main beef stems from improper, false and idiotically robotic mis-application of some fairly sensible and easily understood technology, by those who wrested for themselves a position of administrative dominance (which, of course, was predicted by Hubbard as early as 1955).

That others now come and wish to forward the work is wonderful. This is how Hubbard extended it, and thus, is meet and proper. He built his technology on the backs of Gautama Siddhartha, Lucretius, Plato, Christ and on and on, with some great big debts to Sigmund Freud as well as all the wonderful wizards and staff who authored policy which came out under his name.

Peter who was called a "rock" by his boss, didn't call his extension of the work "The Church of Peter Original Disciple of Christ". He simply continued a good thing.

And then Diaspora engulfed that movement. Popes raped, plundered and split it up into fragments. The Crusades sullied and bloodied it. Reform finally came with one Martin Luther. Then comes the Enlightenment of the 17th century, which effectively put several nails in the coffin. It has been dispersed ever since, and rapidly looses its' grasp on the multitude of brilliant lights who arrive here. Yet, many of its' principles are timeless.

The same holds true of the works of Gautama Sakyamuni Siddhartha and his followers, and all the myriad fields of teachers who come here regularly to do their internships, even though in practice, for the most part, his great works have been reduced to bell, book and candle mumbling, and dogmatically pantomimed ritual.

To arrive at a full integration of these teachings takes long years of focused study, and one always finds new sources of data to integrate. Hubbard had a gift of charisma, a rapid pen, and a basic understanding of man and organization which allowed him to develop and disseminate what he found to a planet, in less than forty years. No mean feat. Particularly when one considers he encompassed the planet with his knowledge in this blink of eternity's eye.

Now, we are heirs to this boon. The usurpers have wreaked havoc on the pillars of the work, and the institution Hubbard established.

We, in the "Free Zone", have learned at great personal cost what the lunacy of the few who would grab the inheritance of the many truly exacts.

To those who are unwilling to recognize the magnitude of their righteous computations and rationalizations I say "You run your make-wrongs because you WANT to be right."

There is nothing "wrong" with sex. Read Hubbard's chiding statement to "those who would deny sex". Read his writings "On The Second Dynamic".

Read his various definitions of the body. And so on.

Having done this, look at the activities of the failed administrative organization of the past 16 years. Apply the Data Series to that. Recognize that this - The Internet and The World Wide Web - is a Bright Idea which handles, REALLY and TRULY HANDLES the Situation and Departure from an Ideal Global Communication Environment. That is why those minions of destruction have attacked the Internet so viciously. Nobody ever said they were dumb. Vicious, maybe, misled and misguided for sure, but not dumb.

Apply "lessons learned" to this new and wonderful medium. Re-gain the brilliance of the expansion for all.

But get your own righteous computations and fixed ideas, or those of your trusted "sidekicks" terminatedly handled, and out of the path of true expansion for all.

Acknowledge truth and brilliance when it appears on your interface, and if you are too niggling to do so, then "keep yer yap shut", as old Popeye the Sailor Man was wont to cackle.

And should you find yourself in a position of stewardship (by hook, crook, or accident of birth) cleanse yourself and get your ego (case, identity, valence, "viewpoint") out of the way. You muddy the field, otherwise.

Let a bright, new dawn blaze up on the horizon. Cause a grand, new bridge to span the aeons. And leave a shining legacy for those who hapless tread this meatball-mudball.

Therein forge your destiny. Continue to give this culture something of worth, value and integrity.

We all win that way.

LaMont Johnson

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