An Essay On Case Supervision

Case Supervision and Programming is a mighty chore.

When one becomes designated Case Supervision Programmer, (C/S), as the result of thorough and rigorous training and successful apprenticechip one approaches this profession with consummate certainty, integrity and a hard won storehouse full of data.

Hopefully, one tempers that data with knowledge, insight and wisdom, as well.

C/S'es have nothing to do with PC's-Viewers-Clients-Processees, except via the folder which is being programmed.

When they bump into each other in the hall, the C/S and the Client might politely say "Hi !", but the C/S is immediately "on post", looking at indicators. He or she can't help themselves in this matter. It is an automatic concern for the well-being of their charges.

Client's are shining brightly out of love and admiration for their C/S, but are yet surreptitiously attempting to pick up any chance indicator which might let them know whether they are "doing it right or not". They are certain (within themselves, and only the deity knows why) that they can detect how they are doing by way of the C/S'es response and demeanor. Go figure.

The rigorous protocol that was developed had it's plus points. It too, being a construct of Man, had the frailty of imperfection (like my typing, sometimes).

The tumult surrounding "Clear" has been going on since long before a guy saw John MacMaster relieve himself at Saint Hill Manor, the day after John was declared Clear #1. Those stories abound, as well as the heated discussions, arguments and fights surrounding this "state".

"Clear" will be argued from every possible viewpoint. That is a liability of the state. The button is going to be pushed by every terminal and would-be terminal in this and any other Universe, as long as it continues to be a button.

Some folks are going get a few lumps in the process. And others will give a few.

The PC-Viewer-Client-Processee must simply allow that tumult to continue, away and apart from his/her "clearing" of the case and focus on goal attainment.

The Case Supervision Programmer (C/S) insures that this kind of distraction is eliminated in the processing environment. The C/S guides the Processee towards his/her "clearing" of the case. This action on the part of the C/S aides and supports the Client to focus on his or her goal of the attainment of "clear" and Advanced or *OT* abilities, through programming the application of the exact correct process or procedure for the case in front of him or her.

Leave the wrangling to the philosophers. Just get on with what is real to you, handling your case through expert application of the instructions and programming forwarded to you by your C/S. Those who wrangle about "Clear" and "Clearing" will eventually figure it all out, and just about that time, somebody new will descend from the heavens, and a new "war of the state of (fill in the blank)" will erupt, to everyone's delight, consternation or boredom, as the case or cases may be.

It's all part of the game called "clearing", or is it "Clear", and the role of the C/S, therein.

Smile, carry on with your solo, processing or co-counseling, and leave the guess work to your Case Supervision Programmer. Do a workman like job of digging the trench, and you can't help but achieve you processing goals.

After all, you have your C/S behind you, rooting for you, guiding you, pointing out the pitfalls, brushing off your knees, and making the proper choices so that your training and processing continues smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Pretty soon, you'll be doing the C/S'ing yourself - that is, if your C/S is a great C/S.

LaMont Johnson

Case Supervision Programmer
Advanced Counseling Services, Inc.

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