Case Supervision Program


Viewer has a present time situation which requires clay table. As distance is a factor, program will be done through electronic supervision. Supervisor has confidence in Viewer ability to duplicate supervision


  1. Uses Play Dough, Post-its, blue ball point pen, pencil or Sharpie marker, and a table top covered by oil cloth or other stain resistant fabric.
  2. Use colored clay to clearly represent elements in the clay table. (Example: "red" equals "Antagonist", blue = "Viewer" and "Allies", green = "communication lines" etc).
  3. Use yellow paper for labels (taken from a yellow pad, or post-its are fine. Notation in either blue ball point (preferred), or pencil).
  4. Use a neutral background for the clay table, such as brown cardboard. Lay cardboard flat on a table, which may not be disturbed, until clay has been observed and understood over 72 hours, at least, upon completion.
  5. Always indicate the spiritual being (usually represented as a "solid halo" 1½ times the size of the head, pressed to the back of the head of the body, but you may represent it as you like). What you are representing is "Self" as the operator of the body and responsible beingness, through the clay.
  6. THIS IS NOT AN ART PROJECT. Get it done efficiently, timely and well - but get it done.
  7. Make body figures approximately 2 inches tall. Use as much definition as is required for you to make out clearly "who" the clay body represents. Labels should be no larger than one inch by 1/2 - 3/4 inch, and are positioned CLEARLY next to the clay figure.
  8. Begin with self. Fully model to your satisfaction, position on cardboard, make label, put down yellow label such that it won't blow away. Continue constructing all the players in the PRESENT TIME PROBLEM. Show all communication flows. If a slashed tire is present, then construct the car and slashed tires, and label them, car tires, (but not “slashed car tires” - clearly show them slashed, etc. Again, this is not an art project.
  9. Your attention is ON THE CLAY. Not on the phone, another person, your job, the guy next door, dinner or raging hormones - ONLY, ONLY, ONLY the clay.
  10. When the clay is complete, step back and take a good long look, until you can see the whole thing as ONE ITEM. If it is incomplete (and YOU will know this), add the missing integers. Step back and view again. Continue this step until it is complete.
  11. Inform C/S by email when complete, informing C/S of what happens or happened upon completion of clay. Make a polaroid snapshot of the clay for forwarding to C/S if so requested. Get clean shots of all segments of the clay.

ALL PHENOMENA of any sort are valid and must be reported. Next C/S upon completion of this program.


LaMont Johnson

Case Supervision Programmer

Advanced Counseling Services, Inc.

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