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A Celebration Of Years

The story actually starts during the Easter Vacation of 1950, at the Manhattanville Branch of the New York Public Library. I had decided to read science fiction stories during that vacation, and after having gotten my father to agree to sign out a bunch of books for me on his card, we went down to the library.

There was quite a collection of Astounding 5cience Fiction issues, and several IF magazines. I got my hands on some great books and those pulps. After a strawberry sundae with nuts, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry, I hustled my dear Dad home, so I could settle down in my old maroon mohair chair for a holiday filled with space warps and star drives and BEMs ("bug-eyed" monsters).

I turned on my old Zenith table radio, tuned in my favorite station, and blasted off.

After having read all the books, I cut into the pulps. It was late Friday night, and the library would be closed on Saturday. The Alan Freed Show had long since signed off, Birdland was over, and Moondog was just wrapping up. The Choir Gospel Hour was next (not the most fun for an avid science fiction reading jazz fan), and all I had was articles to read.

I read the first article in that series. I wasn't quite nine years old.

Here was a universe far superior to anything the rest of the writers had to offer. Here was a chance to actually reach the stars. All I had to do was get rid of my "comanomes" (we call them traumatic incidents today), and become clear.

That was 1950.

Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis were burning up 52nd Street with bebop, Korea would soon begin, and I had read about clearing in a science fiction magazine.

It wasn't until November of 1964 when I actually got to run my first engram.

I went "Clear" on the 7th of December 1968. It took me the better part of eighteen years, from the day I first heard about Clearing, to achieve that goal.

It doesn't have to take you nearly that long.

The Independent Field and the Free Zone offer you immediate opportunities to achieve this state and higher states of Personal Sovereignty. It's just a matter of You making it happen in your existence.

We at ACS, since our arrival and establishment in the Free Zone in 1984, applaud your decision to find out about your body, yourself and your existence. Clearing Consultants are listed on our site, all of whom are fabulous with their ability to handle You. These Clearing Consultants and Practitioners, Ministers and Counselors focus on aiding You to achieve clarity, not some imagined `droid, as in other earlier practices.

And should you desire to look into other areas of your natural abilities, once you have achieved a state of clarity, Advanced Counseling Services will be here to get you the tools so that you can enhance your knowledge and expand your natural abilities.

Our help is yours.

LaMont Johnson

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