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Religions, Crusades and the Kangaroo Rat

This year, 1997, a couple of colleagues are opening a new center in the alpine wonderland of Austria (Mountain Organization). As is normally the case with such a religious quest, they have received undiplomatic scurrying visits from unwelcomed quarters, such as I and my co-counseling partner (Dynamism) have experienced. I have exhorted Ralph and Heidrun to "blast them into shining little bits of protoplasmic understanding", and Brother Alan (Knowledgism) joined immediately in support because we (Alan, Enid and I, among countless others) have, (oh god) BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, BOUGHT THE T-SHIRT etc.

It is not easy to reconcile the idea that a xhurch (no typo, just refuse to recognize a gang of crooks as a church) would resort to such dastardly and deadly activity, such that a new group must arm and defend themselves. For my colleagues, however, it is simply a matter of matching positions on the Emotional Tone Spectrum. Confront aggression with aggression, one or two notches higher is valid processing in that it helps to raise the other guys' emotional tone level.

History tells many such tales, most prominent of which might be the "Holy Crusades" of the eleventh century.

Currently, in our New Era-Enlightened-Kinder, Gentler-Information Highway Society, American radical "Christian" racists burn black Christian churches, "Christian" Serbs rape Moslem women, Palestinian Moslems and Christians hurl rock at their cousins in dive-bombing, strafing Israeli aircraft, while Moslem Eritreans kill Christian Eritreans, Moslem Iraqis steal from their brother Moslems anywhere they get the chance, and Protestant Irishmen blow up Catholic Irishmen, English Protestants, English Catholics and ocassionally, your everyday run-of-the-mill tourist.

All done in the light of "nearer my God to thee..."

But as we seek the pure light of truth, and desire widening knowledge for the betterment of all mankind, perhaps this analogy from another dynamic principle of existence, one not quite so chafing, might, I say, might bring clarity:


In the study of the application of philosophy to this thing called life one deals with all aspects of existence. A simple case in point:

In the fringe-desert areas around the world, one finds exceedingly intense struggles for existence. Here in Southern California, far away from the lion-gnu universe, the struggle of a prey animal, fleet of foot versus a predator who culls and thins the herd, there is a life dance which the US Government (!) has gotten itself involved in - the kangaroo rat vs. the rattle snake.

Because this is an "endangered" species, the Feds tell home owners and ranchers in Riverside County California and adjoining areas what they may or may not do with their property, which is the habitat of the furry little jumping rodent.

So this little rat flourishes.

It's natural predator (read CHECKS and BALANCES, instead of some soft-hearted, dim-witted concern for a cute little creature) is the rattlesnake - a gentleman who warns one of their peril, before applying the coup de grace. Of course, rowdies (which include those troglodytes who otherwise call themselves Washington bureaucrats) and kids (read beer guzzling dolts), unaware of the perfect balance these two species afford this delicate near-desert land, kill the rattlers.

Now, creation-god-serendipity-cosmic dice-infinity has this system: postulated particles in space, cosmic dust, gravity, fusion, stars, planets, volcanic and tectonic activity, mountains, rain, erosion, decomposing granite, wild rices and grasses, kangaroo rat, (holes and burrows), rattlesnake (holes and burrows), then every now and then an eagle to handle the snakes.

Well, they've killed off the eagle, so the snake flourishes. So they kill off the snake and the rat flourishes, so the delicate grass and wild rice vanishes and voila, MUD SLIDES.

Not simple encroaching desert over time.

So, people get REASONABLE about the kangaroo rat. Voila, MORE MUDSLIDES.

Understand the concept of balance (read Pan-Determinism).

Consider REASONABLENESS as a disease which encroaches upon and lulls the consciousness into somnolence, by tilting the balance of an objective observation of what IS through the use of syrupy, cloying emotional sympathy. Ugh.

"Being Reasonable" is what's causes one to hunt for idllyic escape, when one becomes cognizant of the circling hordes, out for one's blood.

There are dead bodies left in the wake of one current monolithic organization which would be hailed as church. It wasn't always that way - but it sure is now.

What one perhaps doesn't see is the in-fighting here in the US, between the Mormon-held Media Ops vs The "Fundamental Christian" Media Ops vs the B'Nai Brith Media Ops vs the Xcientologist Media Ops, all in the "holy" quest of the "capture of souls".

It's worse than a real WWF3.

It's a big picture. If one would call self philosopher, then one is required to get off and away from one's delicate unwillingness to confront life and begin, now, to observe it AS IT IS.

This is said for good reason:

"Viewing AS IS any condition brings about VANISHMENT by actual experiment."

You don't like something. OK, view it AS IT IS.

But euphemism, mollification, "sweetness and light" when used to delicately lay some lace over the congealing blood stains is an insidious, creeping virus more deat-dealing than full blown AIDS or Ebola could ever hope to be.

One immobilizes, defeats and ultimately destroys LIFE with that kind of "three monkey-shines".

Those folks in Austria are valiant. They are working for liberty, in the pursuit of their religious-philosophic beliefs. They better darn well view things as they are, confront and match tone levels, while busily out creating the miscreants who would destroy their bid for freedom. They had better do so. Not ominous - just what it Tee-Aye-Izz.

Most Americans have dozed off to tv induced unconsciousness dreamily believing that this is the "home of the free" while the erosion of their blood-bought constitutionally guaranteed civil rights and liberties continues, causing those rights to drip away, like the Grand Canyon slowly being carved out by the Colorado, drip by drip - right by right. And all in the name of a "better society".

Comes now, the Marcabian, and he ain't no cute E.T., trust me.


I didn't say it, but that is a mighty powerful statement.

And, I guaran-bleeping-tee you that it is the truth.

LaMont Johnson

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