Candor Junior Emergency Squad

What is the Junior Squad

The Junior Squad is a group of young individules who dedicate their time to their community. They range from grade 7 to Seniors in high school. All members over the age of sixteen can go on ambulance calls. Other members help in many ways. They learn about the Emergency Medical Services along with squad. They are certified in C.P.R. and at least basic first aid. Many are also Certified First Responders (C.F.R.). They are also responcible for this web page.

If you would like to join this exceptional group of young adults please contact any of our members, our leader, or Captain Connie Naughton. You can also print and mail the
Junior Application to:

Canor Emergency Squad
PO Box 141
Candor NY 13743-141

The Junior Squad

Patrick Naughton, 3rd Lt.
Jeffrey Ryan, Stephanie Brown, Lindsay Roberts
Arminda Matoon, Justin Jackson, Brooks Platt
Brian Smith

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