Emergency Vehicle Operators Course

Top Left:Mark Brown, Jeffrey Ryan, Travis Bogert, Connie Naughton, Marvin Roberts, Butch Crowe
Bottom Left: Barb Marshall, Ross Gelete, Instructor Dave

EMS Day at Candor Elementary

On June 6 of this year CES Juniors went to the Candor Elementary to teach young students about 911, being backboarded, what to do in an emergency and the essentials of emergency medicine.

The Juniors Included:
Brain McAvoy, Stephaine Brown (CFR), Justin Jackson, Arminda Matoon (CFR), Crystal Roberts, Lindsay Roberts, Andrew Robinson, and Jeffrey Ryan (CFR)

Special Thanks to Barb Marshall and Julie Cornell and Patrick Naughton for their help!!!

The Candor Emergency Squad Banquet

Candor Emergency Squad Made CPR count!

Connie Naughton recieved the Mike Ferris Award. This is the award given to the person who goes all out for our squad.

Marvin Roberts recived this year's Captain's Award.

Ross Gelete was the Driver of the Year

Jeffrey Ryan was the Junior Member of the Year

Bob Saxton went on the most emergency runs in the year 2000.

Pat, Holly and Connie delivered a baby girl this year!

This group of fine people saved a life using CPR!

Candor Canoe Ragatta

Candor Fire Department's Water Rescue Team

Will They Win?

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