Black Box Computer Consulting

we know what's inside

people are our business and our greatest asset

At Black Box Computer Consulting we understand that people are as much a part of our business as computers. We pride ourselves on our high level of technical proficiency as well as our people skills. We would like to work with you to make your computers work for you in as comfortable and friendly an interaction as possible.

John Guttridge, President

John is Black Box's founder and owner. He has over 10 years of experience providing clients with an exceptional level of service. In addition to his work as president of BBCC John is also active in the community sitting on the Taste of the Nation organizing committee and the BIN committee within the chamber of commerce.

Levi Adams, Systems Engineer

As our Senior Systems Engineer Levi is responsible for many implementations and ongoing client support. Levi's has a BT in Information Technology and Network Administration and over 8 years of experience in the trenches providing excellent service to the users he supports.

Tim Koch, Systems Engineer

Tim is responsible for high level support of medium and large client networks. He has a BT in Network Administration and 5 years of experience at all levels of the technical gamut from the help desk to network and systems engineering.

Evan Wray, Systems Engineer

Evan comes to us from a 15 year career at Autodesk. He brings to BBCC a measured approach and a seasoned knowledge of Systems and Network administration. Evan is highly skilled at leveraging a big picture approach and also keeping track of the smaller details.

Matthew Sanaker, Support Technician

Matthew handles much of our higher level small contracts. While he is presently a support technician he is working towards his MSCSE and has a lot of hands-on experience with higher level support and server administration.

Daniel Merwin, Support Technician

Dan's technical skills are well complimented by his high energy, positive attitude and friendly demeanor. Dan has extensive experience in customer support in technical environments.

Lars Friend, Programmer

Lars is a highly skilled programmer in many languages. Recent experience includes development of a stock market trading platform and other intensive data mining and manipulation projects. Lars also has a passion for embedded programming working on such small platforms as PIC micro controllers and Linux SBC based systems.

Andrew Tennenbaum, Programmer

Andrew is responsible for developing the web interface to our ETM product and also for other tasks as necessary. He is an excellent shell scripter and Linux system administrator as well.

Nick Taylor, Programmer

Nick is a Linux programmer. He is responsible for contracted embedded development projects. His balance of hardware and software experience make him an excellent asset on embedded systems projects.

Abram Connelly, Programmer

Abram is a Linux developer responsible for contract programming for large clients. He has completed all the coursework for a PhD in mathematics and is working on his thesis.

Julia Dillard, Executive Assistant

Julia is the glue that holds our office together. She is responsible for everything from basic receptionist duties to service management and purchasing.

Heather Dengler, Office Manager

Heather is responsible for making sure everyone gets paid which makes her very popular around the office. She also handles all of our AR, AP, and other bookkeeping duties.