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BBCC renaming contest

Black Box Computer Consulting is seeking suggestions for a new name for our company. We are giving away a computer valued at up to $1000 to whoever gives us our new name. Contest rules are as follows:

The winner will be selected at our sole discretion based on our perception of the quality of the name. If multiple entries are similar, the closest to the name that we select will be considered the winner. If multiple entries are the same the first entry will be considered the winner. If no acceptable names are submitted there will be no winner. There is only one grand prize which is a computer valued at up to $1000. The winner may select a Dell desktop, Dell laptop, Apple MacBook, or Apple iPad valued at up to $1000.

Entries will be submitted through our web site at

Any names that cannot be trademarked either because they already are or because they do not meet the criteria necessary to be trademarked will be disqualified.

Names for which the internet domain name is available will be favored over names whose domain is already taken.

The most appealing names are those that are clear, distinct, and memorable. They should be easy to separate from other companies. Ideally, they will evoke a feeling or image. Names that have a strong link to a compelling visual identity are preferred.

to enter the contest send email to

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide technology expertise to our clients and deliver it in such a way that their daily operations are enhanced by our work.

Vision Statement

Trusted advisors to our clients, we offer a guiding hand to navigate the difficult landscape of business technology with ease. We are a community of high energy, committed, affable, and technologically gifted individuals working together to provide services of excellent quality and value