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  • 10,179,699 Process for selecting an order in an item-on-demand order selection system - from ROSCH Logistical
  • 10,161,664 Ice vending machine - from Ice House America
  • 10,088,073 Limit switch for rising stem gate valves - from Kennedy Valve
  • 10,075,032 Brushless alternator with claw poles - from ALMOTT Ltd in Bulgaria
  • 10,067,077 Rotational and axial motion system and methods of use - from PulseRay
  • 10,060,402 Injector valve - from G.W. Lisk
  • 9,902,375 Device used for pressing air and/or tire sealant into a tire and a compression part
  • 9,887,595 Electrical machine with inner stator
  • 9,868,605 Geotextile rolling apparatus
  • 9,850,169 Hydraulic mortar with glass
  • 9,839,104 Systems and methods of providing enhanced electric fence diagonstics
  • 9,816,620 Butterfly valve seal retaining arrangement
  • 9,803,672 Split end tube connector
  • 9,683,338 Form traveller for the construction of engineering works - from Rubrica Ingenieria y Arquitectura in Spain
  • 9,667,013 Air-tight and water-tight electrical bonding device
  • 9,667,012 Air-tight and water-tight electrical bonding device
  • 9,664,254 Split ring carrier with eccentric pin with spring compliance and speed dependence - from BorgWarner
  • 9,642,230 Systems and methods of providing enhanced electric fence diagnostics - from Electric Guard Dog
  • 9,578,788 Automated testing and verification of a robotic system - from Ascent Ventures in Pittsford, NY
  • 9,441,740 Cartridge Seated Plug Valve from Kennedy Valve
  • 9,394,705 Movable centring for port platforms - from RUBRICA INGENIERIA Y ARQUITECTURA, S.L in Spain
  • 9,365,309 Preformed bag feeder for packaging machines - from Bossar Packaging SA in Spain
  • 9,360,133 Cushioned check valve - from Kennedy Valve
  • 9,360,122 Expanding disk gate valve - from Kennedy Valve
  • 9,353,446 Systems and methods for impressed current cathodic protection - from TDI Power
  • 9,321,593 Flexible package transport device for packaging machines - from Bossar Packaging in Spain
  • 9,310,482 Methods for locating and sensing the position, orientation, and contour of a work object in a robotic system
  • 9,290,833 Control of structural performances in load-bearing components by means of strength-altering, friction stir processed pattern - from Cornell University
  • 9,285,037 Mud valve with integral yoke and flange - from Kennedy Valve Company
  • 9,260,841 Biased drain valve for dry barrel fire hydrant - from Kennedy Valve Company
  • 9,260,840 Main valve for dry barrel fire hydrant - from Kennedy Valve Company
  • 9,238,230 Vane Electrostatic Precipitator 
  • 9,206,908 Pin Mechanism - from G.W. Lisk
  • 9,146,562 Adjustable doser valve - from G. W. Lisk Company
  • 9,073,062 Vane electrostatic precipitator
  • 9,062,906 Retrofittable air conditioner to refrigeration conversion unit - a device to use a conventional window air conditioner to cool a refrigerated volume 
  • 9,039,815 Vane electrostatic precipitator
  • 9,039,407 Powdered fuel conversion systems and methods
  • 9,016,216 Methods of combustion of powdered fuels and powdered fuel dispersions
  • 8,997,336 Air-tight and water-tight electrical bonding device
  • 8,959,794 Process and apparatus to control the airflow in dehumidifying dryers
  • 8,956,425 Biofuels containing nitrile moieties
  • 8,955,695 Serpentine dispenser with cartridges 
  • 8,894,745 Vane electrostatic precipitator
  • 8,841,823 Ultrasonic Transducer Wear Cap - enables a high-frequency ultrasonic transducer to properly align to the surface of a material to be tested - from Ascent Ventures LLC.
  • 8,800,718 Ultra lightweight segmented ladder/bridge system - a carbon fiber ladder or bridge system
  • 8,794,157 Automatic Machine for leveling and alignment of railway in plate, prior to the concrete - from Tecsa Empresa Constructora in Spain
  • 8,788,091 Dispenser for product packages
  • 8,777,538 Bonding fastener with environmental seals
  • 8,683,882 Apparatus for ultrasonic transducer or other contact sensor placement against a test material from Ascent Ventures LLC
  • 8,675,803 Cover device for jet pumps installed in nuclear power plant vessels from Iberdrola SA in Spain
  • 8,671,698 Gas liquifier - liquifies Helium gas - from Cryomech
  • 8,491,857 Processes and apparatus for small-scale in situ biodiesel production
  • 8,414,797 Solvent systems and methods of producing high flash point solvent systems including terpenes - from Greensolve LLC  
  • 8,375,742 Reliquifier and recondenser with vacuum insulated sleeve and
  • 8,354,042 Method of raising the flash points and improving the freeze resistance of volatile green solvents
  • 8,324,337 Methods of controlling molecular weight distribution of polymers and compositions thereof - from Novomer, Inc. 
  • 8,313,082 Proportional position feedback hydraulic servo system - from G.W. Lisk Company
  • 8,304,566 Processes and apparatus for small-scale in situ biodiesel production
  • 8,105,195 Rotational one way clutch chain tensioner with frictional damping - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 8,105,194 Torque biased friction hinge for a tensioner - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 8,100,095 Combustion devices for powdered fuels and powdered fuel dispersions
  • 8,092,715 Formulations and method for raising the flash points of volatile organic solvents - from GreenSolve LLC
  • 8,052,859 Aluminum production process control - method of process control for a Hall-Heroult process of aluminum production from alumina ore
  • 8,021,255 Silent Chain Power Transmission Device - from BorgWarner MorseTEC Japan
  • 7,998,366 Method of raising the flash point of volatile organic compounds - from GreenSolve LLC
  • 7,957,832 Method and system for vibration avoidance for automated machinery - from Teknic, Inc. 
  • 7,955,206 Self-energizing brake for a tensioner - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 7,918,156 Cold Beverage Dispenser - for dispensing drinks at a selected temperature
  • 7,896,202 Disposable Integrated Bag and Pump - a simple pump for use with bag-type liquid reservoirs
  • 7,862,460 Chain noise damping device from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 7,858,729 Methods of controlling molecular weight distribution of polymers and compositions thereof - from Novomer, Inc. 
  • 7,829,015 Formation of non-axial features in compacted powder metal components - from BorgWarner Morse TEC
  • 7,806,377 Modular solar panel mounting system - from Renewable Energy Holdings
  • 7,803,080 High strength and stiffness silent chain with improved noise - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 7,794,765 Method and apparatus for cooking low fat french fries
  • 7,740,555 Sprocket Tooth Profile for a Roller or Bush Chain - from BorgWarner MorseTEC 
  • 7,740,104 Multiple Resonator Attenuating Earplug - an earplug using multiple resonant chambers to reduce noise - from Red Tail Hawk Corp.
  • 7,628,185 Dipper stick cutter - tree or brush cutter for excavators or backhoes
  • 7,613,540 Method and system for vibration avoidance for automated machinery - from Teknic, Inc. 
  • 7,581,302 Solenoid valve combining a core and a cartridge in a single piece - from G. W. Lisk Company
  • 7,578,419 Disposable Integrated Bag and Pump - a combined bag and pump for vending liquids
  • 7,552,064 Method for retrieving shipping platforms - an automated method for recycle and reuse of pallets from Ongweoweh Corp. 
  • 7,455,607 Tensioner - from BorgWarner Morse TEC Japan
  • 7,455,606 Mechanical chain tensioner with a rotational ratcheting device - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 7,452,295 Chains for power transmission - an improved silent chain from BorgWarner Morse TEC Japan
  • 7,363,767 Multi-stage pulse tube cryocooler - a three-stage cryogenic refrigerator from Cryomech, Inc. 
  • 7,235,201 Split die and method for production of compacted powder metal parts - method of making sintered-metal parts from BorgWarner Morse TEC
  • 7,210,335 Automated clamp-on sample chamber for flow porometry and a method of using same - from Porous Materials, Inc. 
  • 7,192,391 Variable spring resistance assembly and method from Kellion Corp.
  • 7,163,187 and 7,159,843 Non-Sliding Valve - improved valves from Seal Tech, Inc. 
  • 7,155,935 Sheet Glass Forming Apparatus for forming high quality glass sheets
  • 7,150,165 Molten glass fining apparatus for forming high quality glass
  • 7,145,450 Compactor service and monitoring system - online system of monitoring the status of trash compactors and for managing servicing. 
  • 7,128,350 Sliding Slam Latch Strike - from Key Systems, Inc. 
  • 7,105,041 Grid type electrostatic separator/collector and method of using same - for separating and collecting powdered material using high voltage electric fields
  • 7,081,711 Inductively generated streaming plasma ion source - from Applied Pulsed Power, Inc. 
  • 7,063,635 Compliant chain guide with blade spring from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 7,056,248 Silent Chain - a hybrid silent chain that has the wear resistance of a roller chain combined with the noise performance of a silent chain, from BorgWarner Morse TEC
  • 7,051,563 Door key retention security system - a key used to enable operation of a powered door is retained or locked in the invention until the door is, once again, closed - from Key Systems, Inc. 
  • 7,048,665 Power transmission chain having links with lateral spacing elements - from BorgWarner Morse TEC
  • 7,048,664 Link Plate for a Silent Chain - from BorgWarner MorseTEC Japan
  • 7,048,662 Hydraulic tensioner of the hollow piston type with a screw-type retaining device - from BorgWarner MorseTEC Europe
  • 7,040,141 Capillary condensation method and apparatus for determining porosity characteristics of a sample - from Porous Materials Inc.
  • 7,028,856 Crane control apparatus and method - for overhead cranes, from Gorbel, Inc. 
  • 7,001,263 Air flow monitoring and control system with reduced false alarms - for automated control and monitoring of ventilation systems, from Cornell University
  • 6,997,704 Method and apparatus to aid in the delubrification of parts - from BorgWarner Morse TEC
  • 6,997,017 Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus for manufacturing high quality glass
  • 6,990,834 Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus for manufacturing sheet glass - from Bruce Technology LLC
  • 6,951,065 Method and apparatus for controlling gas flow through granulate in drying hoppers by controlling amount of gas as a function of temperature difference
  • 6,939,259 Two-Shot Unified Chain Tensioner or Guide - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 6,895,782 and 6,889,526 Overflow downdrawn glass forming method and apparatus - an improved sheet glass forming apparatus, for making very flat glass
  • 6,886,812 Human power amplifier for lifting load with slack prevention apparatus - structured in such a way that a predetermined percentage of the force necessary to lift or lower the load is applied by the actuator, with the remaining force being supplied by the operator.
  • 6,883,711 Missing link/part detector employing scanning engine - a method of locating missing links in chain manufacturing, using a bar code reader as a detector - from BorgWarner MorseTEC
  • 6,845,651 Quick BET method and apparatus for determining surface area and pore distribution of a sample - a method of analyzing samples, from Porous Materials, Inc. 
  • 6,789,410 Method and apparatus for reduction of gas bubble formation due to gas diffusion through liquids contained in pores - for use in porosimetry analysis, from Porous Materials Inc.
  • 6,773,489 Grid type electrostatic separator/collector and method of using same - for removing particles from an airstream using electrical charge. 
  • 6,773,246 Atomizing apparatus and process - for production of powders or spray deposits from a liquid stream of molten metal or alloy
  • 6,766,257 Pore structure analysis of individual layers of multi-layered composite porous materials - method of determining the pore structure of individual layers in a multi-layer composite material - from Porous Materials, Inc. 

  • 6,763,684 Glass Homogenizing Pump - a molten glass pump for a glass manufactuirng system

  • 6,748,765 Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus - For glass manufacture, facilitates faster, more uniform flow of glass through the apparatus and allows the thickness of the sheet to be adjusted. 
  • 6,742,426 Precision Cutter for Elastomeric Cable - cuts very precise, defect free segments of consistent length. From High Connection Density, Inc. 
  • 6,725,698 Method for forming tube end - for making tubes for mufflers - from Sakamoto Industry Co. in Japan
  • 6,689,003 Limited articulation chain (inverted tooth or roller) created by "squaring" ends (top and/or bottom) of links/guides of chain - a chain which has a reduced tendency to jump the teeth of the sprocket - from BorgWarner
  • 6,684,685 Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter and Method - for evaluating the porosity of samples, from Porous Materials, Inc. 
  • 6,680,129 Steel Composition for use in chains, from BorgWarner
  • 6,674,827 Segmented lattice rack to store fuels coming from nuclear reactors - from Equipos Nucleares S.A., in Spain. 
  • 6,641,496 Blade Tensioner - from BorgWarner KK in Japan. 
  • 6,635,178 Pathogen inactivation in biosolids with cavitation - using a high-speed rotor-stator mill to inactivate pathogens in biosolids - for use in treatment of sewage sludge.
  • 6,626,054 Swashplate design - Improved swashplate using a semi-spherical drive element.
  • 6,584,867 Spur gear to interconnect rack and worm - from PennTroy Manufacturing - a pinion which can be geared to a worm gear while it is simultaneously matched up with a straight cut rack.
  • 6,576,181 Method of making a high gasoline permeation resistant plastic container - from the Chinese Petroleum Corp. of Taiwan
  • 6,510,801 Pallet for Shrinkwrapped Rubber which can be nested or stacked as needed. 
  • 6,500,084 Sprocket System for Inverted Tooth Chain - from BorgWarner, Inc. A sprocket for inverted tooth ("silent") chains, which reduces tooth jumping.
  • 6,482,253 Powder Charging Apparatus - for electrostatically charging or neutralizing particles conveyed in a pneumatic stream.
  • 6,464,856 - Separation of tars, oils and inorganic constituents from oil bearing sands or shales - a method of extraction of materials from oil sand or oil shale. From Deinking/ Solvent Extraction Technologies (Perth, Ontario, Canada)
  • 6,460,735 Beverage dispenser having selectable temperature - a coffee dispenser which allows the user to select the temperature at which the machine dispenses the coffee. 
  • 6,464,866; 6,461,516; 6,454,938; 6,432,311; 6,417,510; 6,394,942 and 6,245,227 Integrated Monolithic Microfabricated Electrospray and Liquid Chromatography System and Method - from Kionix, Inc., a microchip with electrospray and chromatography features
  • 6,409,427 Soil Erosion Collector - for roadside ditches, allows eroded soil in drainage water to settle out. 
  • 6,386,365 Nesting Stacking Crate - a crate for shipping goods which can nest with other crates or, with the use of flip-up support blades, stack.
  • 6,378,312 Pulse-tube cryorefrigeration apparatus using an integrated buffer volume - from Cryomech, Inc. - integrated buffer volume for increased efficiency at very low temperatures.
  • 6,364,628 Vertical Shaft Blower on Trailer - connects to underground pipes for air injection into soil on golf courses and the like. Design minimizes noise from blower during operation. 
  • 6,273,638 Automated Air Handling System for Sports Field - from SubAir, Inc, - for treating turf to keep a sports field in playable condition.
  • 6,225,257 Post-carbonization treatment of microporous carbons for enhancement of methane and natural gas storage properties - for storing fuels such as natural or methane gas, from Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.
  • 6,220,957 - Reversing Shuttle for Air Handling Device - for soil or turf treating machines, from SubAir, Inc. 
  • 6,095,187 Solenoid-Actuated Zero-Leakage Fail-Safe Three-Position Poppet-Style Four-Way Hydraulic Directional Control Valve 
  • 6,035,892 - Telescoping Valve Having Improved Seal - for industrial valve applications - from Penn-Troy Machine Company.
  • 6,023,962 - Reservoir-Slit Rheometer For The Viscosity Measurement Of Fast-Reacting Polymers - an invention of the Cornell University Injection Molding Project
  • 6,017,381 - Field Effect Auxiliary Gas Cyclone and Method of Using - collecting particles from a gas stream, using cyclonic and electrostatic effects.
  • 5,971,358 and 6,254,060 - Gate Assembly for a Double-Disk Gate Valve - using a combination of resilient materials to press the gates into the seat, for improved wear and sealing characteristics. From Penn-Troy Machine Company (Troy Valve).
  • 5,946,893 - Lawn Mower Having Cutter Deck Motion Coupled to Mower Wheel Motion - a riding lawn mower from Ferris Industries, inc.
  • 5,817,548 and 6,000,924 Pressurized Underfill Encapsulation of Integrated Circuits - method of protecting integrated circuits.
  • 5,730,289 and 5,967,320 Box and Insert for Shipping Glass Bottles - especially useful for shipping wine bottles without damage.
  • 5,730,245 Safety Cable Deck Anchor - for use in construction, allows safety cables to be secured to floor beams as the floor is being built.
  • 5,713,392 Low Friction Slip-sleeve Pipe Wrap - a method of protecting buried pipelines against damage from earthquakes or land slippage.
  • 5,613,334 Laminated Composite Reinforcing Bar And Method Of Manufacture - a fiber-composite replacement for the conventional steel reinforcing bar for concrete structures. Lighter and stronger than steel, a development of a Cornell University College of Engineering professor.
  • 6,139,779, 5,591,255 and 5,997, 849 Thermochromic Ink Formulations, Nail Lacquer and Methods of Use - An ink formulation and nail polish which changes color due to changes in temperature.
  • 5,572,434 Method for Simulating Mold Filling of Semi-Solid Material - from the Cornell Injection Molding Project
  • 5,570,789 Electrostatic Sieving Apparatus - a circular sieve using high voltage to oscillate fine particles against a sieve under a circular solid electrode.
  • 5,551,642 Electrostatic Dispersing Apparatus - a method of dispersing powders, utilizing the oscillation effect of powders in a strong electrostatic field.
  • 5,525,222 Water Filtration System for Control of the Zebra Mussel - uses a novel method of controlling these pests.
  • 5,501,266 Method And Apparatus For Injection Molding Of Semi-Solid Metals - a product of the Cornell University Injection Molding Project. This patent corresponds to Japanese patent 2,974,416
  • 5,484,061 Electrostatic Sieving Apparatus
  • 5,386,844 Float Actuated Combined Air/Vacuum Valve
  • 5,383,495 Stainless Steel Security Cap for Fire Hydrants - from Penn-Troy Manufacturing Company
  • 5,280,875 Resilient Seat Mud Valve - from Penn Troy Manufacturing
  • 5,246,319 Tool Path Data for Numeric Controlled Cutter - for preparation of carved signs or the like from computer designs
  • 5,186,198 Intake Manifold Relief Valve - anti-backfire valve for intake manifolds on automobiles, from Penn-Troy Manufacturing
  • 5,148,831 Bi-directional Shaftless Butterfly Valve
  • 5,067,384 Braider for faired rope or cable
  • 5,062,249 Furnace Crown Means & Method
  • 5,058,268 Making & Repair of Furnace Crown
  • 4,944,490 Shaftless Butterfly Valve
  • 4,871,293 Mechanical Positioning System
  • 4,804,195 High-temperature Sealing Device - A seal for large rotating high-temperature devices such as rotary furnaces, kilns or gassifiers.
  • 4,781,894 Delivery of Gas Product at Constant Pressure
  • 4,660,412 Three-fluid Non-Mercury Porosimetry - from Porous Materials Inc.
  • 4,565,023 Indicia Display Means - for identifying the electrical circuit associated with wall plates or the like
  • 4,564,509 Improved Gettering of Reactant Gasses - a method of removing oxygen and water vapor from reactant process gasses using metals such as aluminum or magnesium floating in molten gallium/indium.
  • 4,556,011 Multicolor Tinter Tank System - for printing background tints without contamination of ink color
  • 4,495,795 Permeameter - a sample holder for permeability meters which eliminates leakage past cylindrical samples, from Porous Materials, inc.
  • 4,420,852 Drain Cleaning Machines  - an improved rotary drain cleaner machine using water flow.


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