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Brown & Michaels has represented inventors in many different fields of invention. The following listings show inventions in the fields of furniture and household articles.

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Household Articles and Furniture

  • 10,017,927 Dual-discharge tank for toilets - from Exremanova SL
  • 9,498,080 Single cup brewer with truncated sphere plug - an improved single-cup coffee brewer
  • 9,439,494 Electroless Hydrodynamic Cleaning Appliance for the Restoration and Rejuvenation of Wet Shaving Disposable Razors
  • 9,291,393 Retractable clothes dryer vent 
  • 9,102,444 Beverage container lid
  • 9,038,222 Crib safety products
  • 8,978,965 Spring Cycle Counter 
  • 8,973,938 Universal Foot Tray for Wheelchairs
  • 8,944,045 Self-heatable container - a can for food products which heats the contents
  • 8,917,172 Wireless Pet Barrier using RFID - collars with RFID allow multiple pets access to selected areas
  • 8,689,379 Crib Safety Products
  • 8,656,862 Automatic animal feeding and watering device
  • 8,511,728 Waste Collection Device for Animal Droppings uses ordinary grocery store bags
  • 8,448,748 Ultra lightweight segmented ladder/bridge system a carbon fiber ladder system from Allred & Associates.
  • 8,397,463 3-dimensional universal tube connector system - connector system for carbon-fiber tubing - from Allred & Associates  
  • 8,196,781 Disposable Pump - for dispensers using liquid reservoirs
  • 7,892,306 Multi-use personal ventilation/filtration system - from Propulsive Wing, LLC
  • 7,735,192 Extended travel window balance - from Caldwell Manufacturing
  • 7,735,191 Locking shoe and mounting bracket for curl spring window balance system - from Caldwell Manufacturing
  • 7,708,322 Actuator for use in fenestration systems - a locking system for swinging gates, doors, etc. from Caldwell Manufacturing
  • 7,703,175 Curl Spring Cover for window balances, from Caldwell Manufacturing
  • 7,654,191 Beverage Dispenser for dispensing coffee at accurate temperature, from Greenwald Technologies
  • 7,555,209 Hand Dryer - an improved air hand dryer from Spain
  • 7,475,792 Hot beverage container - a mug with built-in cooling flanges, so that your drink can be cooled as you drink
  • 7,367,162 System for shoe latching in laterally removable sash - an improved window sash from Caldwell
  • 7,181,793 Bed to adjust the slope of the bed according to brain waves and a method thereby - a bed whose slope adjusts in response to brain wave activity
  • 7,004,515 Fenestration Locking System - an improved locking system for a swinging window or door, from Caldwell Manufacturing Company
  • 6,983,566 Door and frame with peripheral venting for electronic component cabinet - minimizes dust infiltration, from Upstate Systems Tec. Inc.
  • 6,948,279 Support system for laterally removable sash - an improved window sash mechanism from Caldwell Manufacturing
  • Des. 508,155 Combined Container and Product Applicator for Floor Cleaning
  • 6,896,132 Storage Media Case - an improved Jewel Case for CDs and DVDs
  • 6,824,219 Ergonomic office chair with an extending foot - swiveling of chair is and movement of seat and back is linked to, and locked by, movement of extending foot
  • 6,789,292 Hinge Assembly - from Sugatsune Co. of Japan
  • 6,726,321 Side shield retention clamp - for eyeglass side shields, from ArtCraft New York.
  • 6,705,677 Chair with seatback and rotating damper device - from Sugatsun Kogyo Co, Tokyo
  • 6,688,575 Cane Stand - an extra "leg" for canes, so they can stand upright on their own
  • RE38,369 Computer work station (elastic or movable) arm rests
  • 6,637,041 Toilet Tank Discharge Device - water conserving toilet uses two measured water lots, so that toilet is only flushed with larger amount of water if needed.
  • 6,623,091 Combined drawer with guide rails
  • D479,964 Barbecue grill wrench
  • 6,561,131 Pet Toilet and Method of Cleaning Same - a self-cleaning litterbox for cats
  • 6,478,497 Applicator for Footwear - containing cleaning or polishing compounds. 
  • 6,460,735 Beverage dispenser having selectable temperature - a coffee dispenser which allows the user to select the temperature at which the machine dispenses the coffee. 
  • 6,416,207 Floor Lamp with a Plurality of Adjustable Light-source Carrying Arms - for illuminating a table, especially suited for game tables. 
  • 6,254,350 and 5,923,102 Automatic Sub-Floor Pumping System - a method and apparatus for keeping basements dry by pumping water from under the floor, from Avcheck Corporation
  • 6,228,459 Absorbent Wine Bottle Wrap - A triangular cloth wrap for use on the neck of wine bottles
  • 6,102,457 System for Collection and Disposal of Pet Waste or Compostables - a disposable and flushable bag
  • 6,052,846 - Method of Providing and Maintaining Clean and Sanitary Bedspreads in Hotels - a multiple layer bedspread with a removable liner, allowing the bedspread to be easily washed between guests.
  • 5,938,407 - Battery Driven Backup System for an Air Distribution Fan - keeps the draft going for your coal stove if the power fails.
  • Des. 409,465 Pair of Scissors - a design patent - from Heritage Cutlery
  • Des. 409,064 Pair of Scissors - a design patent - from Heritage Cutlery
  • 5,720,103 Self-Opening Finger Inserts for Scissors or the like - avoids repetitive-motion injury by biasing the finger-holes of a pair of scissors. May be used with existing scissor designs - from Heritage Cutlery
  • Des. 394,770 Paper Towel Holder - an ornamental design for a paper towel holder.
  • 5,685,217 Meatball Cooking Device - for microwave or stove-top use, cooks meatballs in a healthier way, avoiding excess fat.
  • 5,660,216, 5,577,537 and 5,518,051 Adaptive Holder, Extension Handle And Toothbrush Guide For A Toothpaste Dispenser - three related devices which allow the disabled to use toothpaste dispensers.
  • 5,588,695 Foldable Beach Chair - a novel beach chair made up of connected-together wood members.
  • 5,501,541 Flexible Coupling Device - a coupling especially useful for holding folding furniture together.
  • 5,375,514 Adjustable Height Table Support Mechanism - for lift-top tables, such as cocktail tables whose top can be lifted upward and outward to form snack tables. Lifts and locks in position.
  • 5,219,006 Strainer Funnel With Support - a new funnel which can stand on its own feet.
  • 4,834,450 Tote-table
  • 4,807,505 Bagel Slicer - holds a bagel for slicing safely
  • 4,397,500 Portable Outdoorsman's Seat - a simple, light, portable seat
  • 4,383,780 Three-way Finger Joint - for furniture joinery - an unusual patent on a method of joining three pieces of wood in a strong, tight, and attractive joint.
  • Patent nos. 4,370,922 and 4,787,307 Nutcracker - nutcrackers which automatically adjust to the size of the nut, and crack it exactly enough to crack the shell without damaging the meat.


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