System and method for a multi-stations sport game

Patent No. 9,884,235

Issued: February 6, 2018
Filed: April 15, 2016
Term Extension: 7 days

Inventor: Min; Aung (Yangon, MM)

A sport game which utilizes a plurality of play articles, at least three stations cum goals or targets, a playground, a game controller device and a display device is disclosed. The game is played by individual participant or participants wherein the rules of the game maintain a familiarity with an ancient puzzle game and is based on a mathematical formula of logarithmic scale where the play articles are moved around the stations by play participants to accrue points or goals and where the devices are incorporated with identification, tracking, data transmission, data processing, determination and data display capabilities to monitor and manage the game. The game provides physical, skill and cerebral challenges and is applicable to a plurality of normal sports wherein goal or target shooting is primal; the game can be played indoors or outdoors, for fun, exercise, training of sport skills, light or serious competition.

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