Maintaining temporary white lists for application notifications

Patent No. 9,811,399

Issued: November 7, 2017
Filed: July 28, 2016

Inventors: Bradley; Lisa Wood (Cary, NC), Harpur; Liam (Skerries, IE), Quirk; Aaron J. (Cary, NC), Sun; Lin (Cary, NC)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY)

Filtering audible notifications to the user from a device based on an enhanced white list with a static white list set by the user and a temporary white list. The temporary white list includes expiring entries. The entries of the temporary white are based on keywords and context extracted from the applications and activities on the device that are associated with a dependency list between applications of the device and context. If a notification is present on the temporary white list or the static list, the notification from the application audibly sound to the user through the device.

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