Post Flag

Patent No. 9,792,842

Issued: October 17, 2017
Filed: January 16, 2015
Term Extension: 126 days

Inventor: Carson; John A. (Ithaca, NY)

A post flag system includes a mounting tube and a flag. The mounting tube has a post section and a mounting section separated by a bend. The post section of the mounting tube goes over the upper end of a vertical post. The post section has an annular cross section of constant inner diameter greater than the outer dimension of the post to receive the upper end of the vertical post. The bend orients the mounting section at a mounting tube angle with respect to the post section. The flag has a surface displaying indicia and an edge coupled to the mounting section of the mounting tube. The mounting tube angle is preferably in the range of 90 to 100 degrees. A method of assembling a post flag system is also disclosed.

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