Brushless alternator with claw poles

Patent No. 10,075,032 

Issued: September 11, 2018
Filed: September 12, 2014
PCT Filed: September 12, 2014
PCT No.: PCT/BG2014/000033
371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date: December 01, 2015
PCT Pub. No.: WO2016/037243
PCT Pub. Date: March 17, 2016
Foreign Priority Application: Sep 12, 2014 - BG111823
Term Extension: 296 days

Inventor: Popov; Encho Nokolov (Sofia, BG)
Assignee: ALMOTT, Ltd. (Stara Zagora, BG)

The alternator is used in the motor vehicles and provides increased current output. It comprises ring (17) and (17a) connecting the second claw poles (16) and (16a), and its peripheral surface which is opposite to the second claw poles (16) and (16a) is profiled and protruded outwards, shaped by the adjacent surfaces of inner and outer truncated cones whose axes coincide with the axis of the shaft. On the peripheries of external side plates (23) and (23a) at diameters equal to the inner diameters of the carried pole configurations and axes coinciding with the axis of the shaft (1) stationary are fixed second magnetoconductive rings (26) and (26a) whose surfaces located on the side of the first magnetoconductive rings (17), (17a) are shaped like a groove whose shape corresponds to the shape of the profiled protruded outwards peripheral surface of the first magnetoconductive rings (17), (17a) comprising them with possibility for their free rotation in the corresponding groove.

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