Rotational and axial motion system and methods of use

Patent No. 10,067,077 

Issued: September 4, 2018
Filed: August 18, 2014
Term Extension: 816 days

Inventor: Blank; Basil Eric (Ithaca, NY), Schuren; Jay (Cambridge, MA), Shade; Paul (Beavercreek, OH), Turner; Todd (Yellow Springs, OH)
Assignee: PulseRay Inc. (Beaver Dams, NY)

A sample manipulator includes a drive system, a pair of flexure plates, and piezoelectric actuators. The drive system preferably includes a pair of drive pulleys on opposite sides of a driven pulley and coupled to the driven pulley by a drive belt. The sample rotates around a rotational axis with the driven pulley. The driven pulley is preferably driven by a pair of drive belts, one being located above the sample, and the other being located below the sample. Fluid bearings provide improved rotation of the driven pulley. The flexure plates are preferably monolithic with a high number of machined flex veins with the side of a tapered threaded screw being used to create the high force required to bend many flexures at the same time for sample motion and to provide fine, precise sub-micron motion control. The piezoelectric actuators provide high-precision control of the load on the sample.

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