German Harness.

German, circa 1440.
Hardened spring steel; built 1999

This harness is based on Hans Multscher's model for a tomb for Ludwig of Bern-Ingelstadt. In the Grabplat, Ludwig is not wearing gloves; I have supplied them in a contemporary style with the lames fluted to match the rest of the harness. The customer preferred a different helmet as well, rather than the barred tourneying helmet on the tomb.

The surface of this armor is colored with a commercial rapid-bluing product; as with a jousting helmet I have just produced, the effect is similar to that in contemproary illuminations of armor. The edges of this armor are painted; the owner routinely fights in this spring steel harness, and easy touch up of the surface is essential. Because of the material, denting is simply not a problem. Rivets are iron with brass caps; buckles, hinges, and strap ends are brass. The folding lance rest has a spring detente.

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