Field and Tilt Armor
in the style of Anton Peffenhauser.

Augsburg, 1580
built 1991

This armor was made for a professional jouster. The large shield-like shoulder defence is designed with ridges to provide a non-slip surface for the opponent's lance. Although this might seem undesireable, it was required by the rules for a type of joust called the Real-Gestech. The applied lattice work shown in this picture was, in fact, torn off over the course of the first season's use; when it came back to my shop for repairs, I replaced it with bossed-in ridges.

The helmet, barely visible in this view because of the large defensive bevor, is also shown in an image displaying its lining, the visor catches, and the threaded fastener which holds the helmet to the jousting bevor (which is in turn bolted to the breast plate).

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