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I began building armor in 1979, and started armoring professionally by 1981. Since 1982, armoring has been my sole occupation. My greatest experience is with armor of the European High Middle Ages and Renaissance. I occasionally dabble in other periods or places. Besides armor, I build the occasional longbow, crossbow, or quiver. I also do a little work in supplying bucklers and weapons for re-enactors who fence, and occasionally take on projects like spurs, guns, or locks. (I am increasingly interested in clocks, and sometimes produce non-military medieval artifacts, for example a nutcracker, a hurdy-gurdy, and pewter belt fittings and jewelry.) In my spare time I play the musical saw and dance Argentine tango (mostly in downtown Philadelphia).

My primary trade is in custom work, both individual pieces and harnesses, made to fit an individual. I very seldom produce off-the-shelf items or pieces which do not have an immediate market. Exceptions may be found in the display of currently available pieces. I am also available to do restoration work on authentic pieces.

I supply both collectors and re-enactors; all the armor is, however, both functional and historically accurate. (I occasionally make, and will be glad to discuss, adaptations necessary to meet combat requirements for re-enactment organizations). You may want to look through a handful of picture of my satisfied customers. I provide either authentic linings and padding, or the lining strips to install these. If you require paddings of modern materials you may install them over the lining strips; I will advise you on the process if necessary.

For the last several years I have been using a spring steel which more closely matches the hardenability and strength of higher quality authentic production. My pieces are tempered to take advantage of this material, and I employ mild steel only in special cases.

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