The "Palmette Garniture"
A small garniture in the style of the Kolman Helmschmeid workshop.

German, circa 1525.
built 1995

The lines of this armor were copied from the so-called "KD Garniture" of Charles V in Madrid. The decorative scheme depends on palmettes and roped borders of various sizes. It is etched and gilt, with patterns related to those of the KD Garniture. The basic form is that of a field armor, with reinforcing pieces for heavy field use, or for the tournament or the joust. Pauldrons, tassets, collar, etc. are lined; the helmet has an authentic padded lining, the other pieces are lined in leather (also an authentic practice). The buckles and strap ends are from my shop; the tasset buckles are copied from the KD Garniture, and have little "sparks" coming out of the corners, reflecting the appearance of the Burgundian fire steels on that harness.

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