Fluted Maximilian Harness

German, circa 1525
built 1996

A typical Maximilian field armor, based on a harness in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; some adjustments in proportion fit it for the use of its intended wearer. It has a close helm with a so-called "bellows visor". Maximilan armor is typified by nearly parallel flutes highlighted by pairs of engraved lines; this harness has 919 running feet of engraved lines, 388 feet of fluting, and 63 feet of roped hems. The breast is globose, the waistline high. The shell-shaped elbows are typical. On the original armor the elbows are attached to the arms by leather straps; in this example, they are reinforcing pieces over articulated elbows; they can be removed and smaller, plainer wings substituted for them. The helmet has an authentic lining. The buckles and strap ends were made in my shop; they copy in cast brass the original fastenings. I also made a number of exchange pieces for this harness.

Since the harness in the Metropolitan Museum is composed of pieces from at least two, and perhaps three different armors, I regularized and homogenized the decorative scheme so that the pieces match one another.

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