European, circa 1400
built 1992

This piece is adapted for use according to the combat rules of a re-enacting club; it has more breath holes and a wider eye-slit than an authentic bascinet of this period would, and a catch has been added to keep the visor closed.

The pins in the hinges can be pulled out to remove the visor (or in the case of this helmet, to replace it with a visor of different form): welded steel chains guard the pins of the hinges from loss.

The camail is made of welded links of iron wire, and weighs about 6 pounds, approximately the same weight as that of camails at Churburg. The bascinet and visor together also weigh about 6 pounds, again bringing them close to the weights of the Churburg examples.

This helmet has a screw thread in the apex to take a crest or plume holder. This feature is copied from a pair of helmets in Vienna and one in the Dean Collection. A common decoration for this form of helmet seems to be a small ball with plumes emerging from it - a manuscript of the Poems of Christine of Pisan (British Library, Harl. MS. 4431, f.135) has a similar bascinet with such a plume.

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